OHAUS™ Explorer™ Semi-Micro Balances

OHAUS™ Explorer™ Semi-Micro Balances

Designed and constructed to provide a modern weighing experience as well as to bolster accuracy. OHAUS Explorer Semi-Micro Balances are built for accurate, sophisticated and professional weighing. They use High Speed Single Module weighing cell to ensure that results are accurate.


Type Semi-Micro Balance
Certifications/Compliance Product Safety: CAN/CSA C22.2 61010-1, UL 61010-1,
Linearity ±0.1mg
Automation Interface Standard connectivity: 1 USB host, 1 USB device, 1
Display Type 14.5cm (5.7 in.) (diagonal) Full-Color touch scree


  • AutoCal™ internal calibration feature utilizes two internal weights to perform a linear calibration to minimize weighing errors and ensure accurate measurements
  • Intuitive software powered by SmarText™ 2.0
  • Ultra-fast stabilization time (0.1mg: ≤3 sec., 0.01mg: ≤8 sec.) and audible stability alert increases laboratory efficiency
  • Icon-based color touchscreen display provides tactile feedback and operates in the same manner as a smart phone or tablet computer
  • Four programmable touchless sensors allow the operator to perform common functions and commands with a swipe of the hand
  • USB host port provides the capability of using a USB extension cable to directly transfer the data to a flash drive
  • Memory library includes space for up to 99 items, and a 10 recipe library for formulation mode
  • User manager function provides profiles for one administrator and five additional users, allowing multiple users to utilize the same balance without compromising past results recorded on the balance
  • Modular design in which the base and display can be separated to allow the balance to fit ideally on the lab bench
  • Automatic door feature (available on certain models) allows access to weighing chamber without the need to touch the draftshield door; they minimize vibrations caused by manual operation
  • Built-in ionizer, included in Explorer automatic door models, generates bipolar ions continuously from positive and negative discharge electrodes and directs the ionized air onto the charged body to eliminate static electricity
  • Other advanced features include: Below minimum sample weight indicator, real time clock for GLP/GMP data collection, true type printing for SQC and pipette adjustment
  • Available models include: EX125D, EX125, EX225D, EX225D/AD, and EX225/AD


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